Info about the place

This year the MOVE takes place on the beautiful grounds of the old children's clinic in Harzgerode. In the middle of the forest, surrounded by tall trees and wide meadows and within walking distance of the sleepy village of Harzgerode, we will come together this year to take another step towards a world of needs and abilities. On the large clearing between the buildings a colourful, turbulent place will develop to network, to learn from and with each other and to develop new strategies to improve the world. Away from the main square, many small niches invite you to linger and reflect and make it possible to rest, meet people, sprout new ideas, plan actions and much more.
In addition to a Kids Space there will also be an Awareness Area and care cafés, the river for swimming can be reached in a few minutes and camping will take place in a small forest. All in all the area is quite large, but every area is within 5 minutes walking distance from the main square.


In the small wood on the edge we will all put up our tents or hammocks that we brought with us. In addition to the area for all, there will be a quieter area and an area for LGTBIQ people.
As we are not allowed to enter any of the buildings on the site, only a very limited number of people with special needs will be able to sleep on mattresses or in beds. If you are considering registering but cannot sleep in a tent or on the floor, please contact us. We try to meet all your needs, but due to our very limited possibilities and capacities we cannot promise anything. But as I said, if you have any doubts, feel free to write us:


At this year's venue, no conventional water toilets will be available, but only ecological compost toilets, which will be distributed throughout the venue for the congress. The toilets are hygienic, environmentally friendly, low-odour (thanks to the covering materials), private and equipped with normal toilet paper.
Again, if you have special needs, please feel free to contact us. In very few exceptions we can also provide access to water toilets.


There will be some outside showers next to the river (where you can bathe). We cannot promise warm water for 1000 people. Since the water flows into the communities own plant-water-treatment-plant we urgently request everyone to only use ecologically degradable shampoo and shower gel or ecologically degradable soap, as well as toothpaste! A small selection will also be available on site.


The area has many grassy areas with a tendency to dry straw and other fire materials, so unfortunately any kind of fire outside secured areas is forbidden. That means no candles, torches, fire pots, cigarettes, ... outside a specially marked area on a suitable area!


Dear parents and children, the MOVE is open as a place and event for all ages and we are looking forward to everyone. There will be a Kids Space, which has a little bit of its own programme and a lot of things to play with, a slide, swing and of course many lovely, playful, sunny and child loving people. A team will take care of this place during the MOVE and in addition there will be shifts where everyone is invited to take care of our smaller participants from time to time. You are also welcome to ask us your questions, ideas, needs and wishes in advance!


If you have non-human companions, it would be a good idea to have other accommodation during the MOVE because no animals can be brought along. We are very sorry to 'exclude' you from this aspect, but this is in the interest of the host community and the team due to allergies, risks, children present and unsecured areas where animals already live.

List of things to bring

  • tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat
  • Headlamp or torch (highly recommended, as not all paths can be illuminated in the dark on the extensive terrain)
  • Plate and/or bowl, cutlery, mug/bottle (We have a bit of something there if you forget it. But don't forget to bring a water bottle!)
  • Seat underlay (for wet ground - we will try to organize cardboard, but for sensitive backs a separate underlay can be a blessing during the workshops)
  • warm and rainproof clothing
  • towel

    Also maybe

  • Juggling kit, musical instruments, slacklines, hammock, ... (there are many great trees!)
  • Contribution ideas for the Open Stage
  • Insect spray, sun cream
  • Fantastic mood, ideas and everything else you need to feel good

    **What can stay at home:

  • Non-Ecological Shower Gel and Shampoo

How do I get there?

Car drivers, who want to stay overnight in their vehicle, please register here:


All information on how to get there can be found here on Freie Feldlage’s homepage.

Timetables for the public busses: Bus 242 Quedlinburg ↔ Harzgerode und Harzgerode ↔ Wippra:
Bus 460 Wippra ↔ Sangerhausen:
Tickets in the bus. Special ticket for groups of 10 or more people.

Departure on Sunday?

Based on limited capacities in the public bus, we booked a shuttle bus.

Shuttle and public bus need ~45 minutes to Quedlinburg and 1:20 hour to Sangerhausen.

by MOVE UTOPIA-Shuttle directly from our camp Quedlinburg main station and if nessecary to Total Truckstop near A36(approx. 45 minutes): 1.30pm, 3.30pm, 5.30pm
5€ p.P.(paying in the info tent) Please register here or in the info tent: (

by public bus (20 minutes walk) Quedlinburg(approx. 40Min): 8.44am, 10.44am, 12.44am, 2.44pm, 4.44pm, 6.44pm Sangerhausen mit Umstieg in Wippra(approx. 1.20h): 9.20am, 11.20am, 1.20pm, 3.20pm, 5.20pm
Tickets in the bus. Special ticket for groups of 10 or more people. Please also register here, if you are travelling by public bus. Possibly we have to book another shuttle.

Departure after Sunday?

We are happy about every help after sunday and would like to celebrate with you while cleaning up! For every departure after sunday, please read the information below “Arrival”. On weekdays, the busses are even going every hour.