Our Organisational Structure

We organise MOVE inspired by [sociocratic] principles (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sociocracy) in individual Circles, which are semi-autonomous and able to make decisions.

Furthermore, temporary action Circles can be founded at any time, which can consist of any combination of people and may decide about fundamental and cross-Circle values and things.




  • Encouraging a consciousness and ensuring the existence of a mindful space
  • Prevention of attacks/discrimination and support of affected people
  • Design an awareness concept that is aimed at the participation of all people at MOVE
  • Offer the possibility to contact a trusted person and provide a safe space at the camp
  • Raising consciousness and awareness with the help of informational material and workshops
  • Support in case of conflicts
  • Prepare input/workshop for the organisational Circle and carry this out at a later planning meeting
  • Clarify conceptual principles: the power of defining and sanctioning
  • Write texts for the website, Camp-Reader (?) and posters for the camp
    • „If you have been affected…“
    • „If you hear of something happening to someone else…“
    • „If someone behaves towards you in a violatory/discriminatory way…“
  • Approach external groups with our own concept and request support for the work at the camp


  • All people should be able to feel comfortable
    • No unwanted loneliness
    • Transparency
    • Exchange of information
    • Family-friendly
    • Make opportunities to get involved clearly visible
    • [Programme booklet (our self-concept, programme, map)]
  • Create a “space to get know people“ (creation of groups for companionship?)
  • Info tent
  • Helpers’ platform? (chores/shift plan, open to-do lists)
  • Sharing platform? (Flake?)
  • Kids’ space
  • Write to groups for group dynamic-building “getting to know” processes
  • Consider concrete concepts for the sharing platform
  • Create a reader of visions/wishes for a good co-living  GROßGRUPPE
  • Gibt es kollektive für Kids-Space? Is there a collective for the kids’ space?
  • Otherwise requested/organised by the same people


  • To decorate the space for the duration of the festival in a sustainable way
  • Praktische/Sinnvolle Beschilderung und Beleuchtung - Practical/sensible signage and lighting
  • Soweit möglich Materialien tauschlogikfrei besorgen - As far as possible, procure the materials in a way that is free of exchange logic (“tauschlogikfrei”)
Concrete tasks
  • Create a concept
  • Procure materials and tools, get helpers involved (in advance)
  • Coordinate arts/crafts efforts (at location)
  • Presenting MOVE externally
  • Inviting new people to come and help
  • Arouse the interest of the press and communicate well
  • Establish contact to external groups
  • Develop a message
  • Create a concept for the registration procedure for participants
Concrete tasks
  • Write invitation text(s) and newsletter
  • Ensure visible structure on site and accessibility
  • Manage email address
  • Selection of media/channels
  • Find/compile documentation team
  • Work out a consensus on photo/video recordings on the site
  • Design flyer and send print version as PDF
  • Manage website (donation barometer?)
  • Manage registration, take over communication (cancellations) if the capacity limit of the location has been reached.


Mission & Goals
  • more relaxed than last time (revenues present earlier)
  • provide Circles with funds
  • need as little money as possible
  • organize revenue streams
  • weigh up what money is really needed for
  • enable all people to participate in MOVE
  • establish an early overall budget
  • Circle advises if issues are possibly overlooked
  • Maintaining an overview of the finances of individual Circle
  • buffers
  • Write requests: to whom, what's included
  • Create total expenditure and revenue plan
  • Sponsorship?
  • Group internal: Promoting knowledge flow and avoiding excessive demands
  • Manage mailbox
  • Crowdfunding organisation
  • Reimbursement of expenses for small items etc. on MOVE
  • after MOVE: total account for association
  • Tickets: Price with slide control (does not have to pay anything)
  • Finding tax advice for donations
  • insurances


  • We make sure that the required infrastructure is available Location: Our goal is to find a place where at least 1500 people can find relaxed meeting space & living space for ~1 week.
    • Electricity: We supply stages, kitchen, workshop rooms, sanitary facilities and lighting (installation) with electricity as required. We would like to avoid aggregates, but if necessary we can fall back on them. We'll try to find an external group that provides a supply with photovoltaics. Water: The kitchen, the sanitary area and drinking water points are also supplied with drinking water according to demand and certified. Showers: There will be shower facilities. To what extent (warm/cold /...) depends on the factors of location. Waste water: Without knowledge about the place we cannot make a statement about the waste water. Toilets: We're creating some compost toilets for the model function. Further toilets are selected according to the conditions of the place as ecologically as possible (compost or water). Under special circumstances (e.g. wheelchair accessible toilets) we also use chemical toilets if we are not practising other solutions. Waste: We wish that as little waste as possible accumulates (no use of disposable crockery etc.). For the unavoidable garbage we provide a separation in yellow bag, compostable waste, paper, glass, residual garbage, deposit. Tents:** We would like to offer a large central location, such as a circus tent. Furthermore, we provide the central structures (kitchen, info tent,...). Tents of the barrios/groups are, if possible, delegated to them.
    • Stages: We hope that stages from external groups will be provided by Programme Circle. If this is not possible, we will try to find another solution. Internet:** We will provide internet at a central place (and if necessary further on request of the Programme Circle) for organizational purposes. We will only set up public Internet access under particularly favourable circumstances.
    • On-site communication: We will provide radio equipment further things:** we'll bring printers


  • Food
    • Healthy
    • Vegan
    • Free of charge
    • Diverse
    • Regional
  • Cooking
    • Open
    • Participative
    • Well distributed and structured work
  • Pleasant meeting place (music, couches, decoration,...?)
  • Communication clear presentation of capacities
  • Kitchen for All (“Küfa”) collective enquiries
    • Experience with public order office?
    • What does the “Küfa” need for cooking for 1000-2000 people?
      1. electricity connections?
      2. water connections?
      3. size of the area?
      4. tents?
  • Organize food
  • Organize storage space
  • List with concrete needs (for inquiries and "emergency plan")


our goal...
  • is not to organize things for the other Circles
  • to keep track of all transports in order to coordinate deliveries and deliveries (no guarantee of completeness)
  • Requirement or wish that we know at least one month before what from where to where
  • is to ensure that people and things that are supposed/want to be at the festival are actually there
  • save as many trips as possible through synergies
  • organise a shuttle if necessary
  • Coordinate transports
  • Have the return transport plan made clear beforehand
  • Transparent overview for everyone of what when from where to where


Mission & Goals
  • Diversity, open and colourful programme, enable many encounters, inclusivity, a different, better world to experience, connect knowledge and practice with each other, networking, creativity and expression, participants can bring their own ideas, spread the vision of MOVE, not overstrain people, find good balance (in terms of amount of programme). Create balance between knowledge, art, practice, etc..
  • Structure that creates orientation, at the same time open to impulses from outside. Make a life experienceable according to needs and abilities.
  • Do not overstrain ourselves. Clear structure for self-organisation, know what we do and what we do not do. Create a super clear program plan.
Concrete tasks on the way
  • Find clarity about the tasks, make a plan.
  • Distribute tasks. Finding communication and organizational structures. Differentiate between intermediate goals. Develop a milestone plan. Setting priorities, openness, letting things be.
  • Clearly have what you don't want in the program. Who do we invite? Who decides? Create a common invitation list. Sort out open applications. How much do we want to run at all? How many breaks. What do we pay and how.
  • Invite barrios. To have clear priorities / topic wishes for it. Set focus for the whole MOVE. How strong should the focus be on freedom of exchange logic?
  • How much and which program do we want to make ourselves as a program? Assign barrios thematically.
  • Create a timetable. Clarify workshop possibilities with Infrastructure and Camp Circle. The same goes for stages, music, etc. Overall dramaturgy: What we create ourselves in a framework, opening, closing, etc.. When do we make music & party? Final product?
  • Material list (beamer, presentation material, music, technology, etc.)


Our mission / goals
  • We make sure that the organisational process is pleasant for all people.
  • We invite to planning meetings and ensure moderation.
  • We ensure transparency so that new people have the easiest possible entry.
  • We welcome new people and integrate them into the organisational process.
  • We keep an overview about the current status of all Circles around [...]
  • We support the Circles and the communication between them, by providing an overview of their current status and if necessary
  • We document the organisational process for the years to follow
  • Organize planning meetings
  • list of organisational people
  • Organize plenary meetings
  • Making phone calls with new people
  • Organize moderation

If you are interested in the financing of the Move, you can find an up-to-date list of our income and expenses as well as the materials still needed on the donations page.