Privileges and exclusions

Are you worried if your needs will get enough space on MOVE? Here are our thoughts on privileges and exclusions.

We have to disappoint you: There will be no utopia at MOVE Utopia! On MOVE there will still be sexism, racism, barter logic, heteronormativity and all the things we try to overcome. To deny that would be presumptuous. Nevertheless, we try again and again to remind ourselves of the utopia we'd like to see and to go step by step in its direction. For us, this also includes questioning our privileges and the exclusions of MOVE.

We have received feedback that some people do not feel invited by our invitation to MOVE, because sometimes the impression arises that we do not think along with certain positions and needs. We think this is a pity, because we want an open, inclusive and diverse MOVE. We apologize for not having paid enough attention to this claim so far.

While the Organisational Circle which so far exists is also colorful, it is however in many respects relatively homogeneous. We are predominantly (but not exclusively) white, cis-sexual, heterosexual, young and able-bodied people with a middle-class background and a German passport. We are aware that it is our privileges that allow us to organize an event like MOVE. Is it a luxury to be able to seriously think about utopias?

If so, we would like to share this luxury with you. In any case, we want to make it possible for all people to participate in MOVE and feel comfortable there. This also means that we use our resources to pay special attention to those needs that are outside the norm(s).

In order to be able to realize this claim, we need one thing above all else - the knowledge of what people need who are not quite like us. We cannot and do not want to make any assumptions about this without adopting a patronizing attitude.

Therefore: if you have the impression that some of your needs have not been taken into consideration by the MOVE-Organisational Circle, please tell us what you need! It can be about travel, accommodation or food, but also everything else that is important to you. If you would like to tell us something, you can send an email to . We will do our best to find a satisfactory solution together with you. However, we would also like to make it clear that our personal capacities and resources are limited. We will therefore not be able to fulfil all your wishes. The needs of people who are structurally disadvantaged due to their position in our society have priority.

PS: We would very much welcome to have more diverse positions and points of view within the Organisational Circle as well. Therefore we would like to invite People of Colour and queer people in particular to participate in the organisation of MOVE.