Drugs at MOVE Utopia

Many of us would like to see the MOVE Utopia as drug-free as possible.
Therefore smoking and the consumption of alcohol and other drugs will be restricted to certain areas.
In concrete terms, all event rooms, main paths, stages, the kitchen etc. are drug-free and we ask you to take the need for drug-free spaces of some participants seriously.

At MOVE there will be space to exchange views on the topic, texts will be posted that give us different perspectives on the topic that you are welcome to comment on, and we will also offer a workshop/exchange room where wild discussion is allowed!


For MOVE Utopia, the idea is central that society can be shaped and that we are all active designers who shape the world with our language, our behaviour, the structures we build, our relationships etc. We want to create a space in which other self-evidences and a bit of utopia can already be lived!
MOVE is also supposed to be a meeting where we want to celebrate experimentation and questioning.
Drugs, especially alcohol, have become an integral part of most social contexts. Whether at a church celebration, in a shooting club or in a left-wing pub, almost everywhere we are forced to consume drugs in order to belong and a culture of celebration without this is hardly imaginable for many.
Like many others, we also see drugs as an element that shapes society and with which we try to deal consciously. At MOVE Utopia we want to invite everyone to question what drugs do to the quality of our encounters and our political activities.
Our wish is simply to try something different from the drug culture that is being practiced at thousands of other events this summer (and which we don't find stupid either), and find out with you how it feels!

Of course the discussions in our Organisational Team about this topic were also big!
Some of us would like to see a drug-free get-together, because more sexual assaults happen mainly through the consumption of alcohol, or also because affected people already feel insecure in an alcoholized atmosphere. In addition to the argument of trying to do things quite differently than at other meetings, it also spoke for us that we want to place the exchange of content and conscious encounters between people at the centre of the meeting and that drug use usually hinders rather than promotes drug use.
We consider the compulsion that alcohol consumption exerts in many social contexts to be critical and also ask ourselves whether the left-wing scene would not be more effective without it. Above all, however, the reflected handling of drugs and in particular the effects on our environment is very important to us.
However, we are not drug opponents and do not want to evaluate the consumption of drugs. Drugs can be fun, create a sense of community, broaden horizons or even make new forms of reality tangible in the form of rituals, as used by different cultures in different eras.
Also we do not want to exclude people who are drug addicted and we do not want to patronize people. Rather, we rely on the freedom of decision of the individual.
In general, it is important for us to develop awareness and mindfulness for this topic and to create shelters for all people who do not want to drink, do not want to come into contact with drugs, simply because they have had bad experiences with drunk people.
We refer here strongly to alcohol, because it is the most socially recognized drug, which probably also has the most destructive effect. Of course, the desire for a conscious approach also applies to everything else (including coffee and sugar).

We want to talk to you about it!

At MOVE there will be an exchange room where people from the Organisational Team will talk about our intensive process and where there is a lot of space for your thoughts, ideas and experiences and where we will be there with questions instead of prohibitions and rules.