MOVE Utopia 2021

Hey there! 😊

Next week it's time: Move Utopia 2021 will start! We are all very excited and full of anticipation to create this wonderful space together with you! In advance we have some information for you, so that you are optimally prepared and can be part of the event with us! Let's start chronologically: You are sitting at home in front of your backpack and think about what you should pack?

Packing list
We have prepared a small packing list for you:

  • Warm clothes (it will surely get cold at night)
  • camping equipment
  • medical mask
  • two Corona self-tests for the week (if you have signed up for the setup, please bring a third one)
  • a negative corona test for the journey
  • musical instruments, juggling stuff, games and stories
  • Good mood and everything that will brighten up your stay
  • remaining clothes to swap
  • exciting and inspiring literature for a common reading corner
  • food donations for the kitchen
  • We would also be happy if you could bring blankets or mattresses to make the group tents comfortable.

In addition, we have created a small Wunschliste erstellt, on which we note everything that we are still looking for the Move. Maybe you have something at home and would like to bring it. Then we don't need to buy or rent what we are looking for somewhere with money and exchange logic! If you can bring something, please contact

Here we go! The address to get to the Move is: Free field situation 9 in 06493 Harzgerode You can find more information here.
Are you looking for a ride, do you have room in your car or do you want to travel together by public transport? Then have a look here.
We expect about 200 people at the Move, but unfortunately we only have limited parking spaces available. Therefore, we ask you again to form carpools not only for climate protection reasons but also for organizational reasons!

Now it's done! You have made it through the transfer chaos or successfully found your way to the site.
We need a negative corona test from everyone upon arrival. Please contact us for this. You can bring a proof of a negative test or you can do a self-test on site under supervision. (see packing list)

In order to keep the risk of infection as low as possible, we have created a hygiene concept for the entire event, which is valid from the setup times until the end. You can find the concept here. Please be sensitive in dealing with Corona and try to stick to it as much as possible.

And now for an important centerpiece of MoveUtopia: We're super excited to introduce you to this year's program! It will be colorful, political, empowering, mindful, musical and much more! During the day there will be a lot of workshops on lived utopias, activism, (self-)reflection, interpersonal communication, hierarchy critique and exchange logic freedom. Part of the day structure will also be reference group meetings. These are meant to chat about common utopias or to simply share experiences from the day with other people. We will also give an introduction to this on Thursday morning. There will also be an evening program with a fire show, electronic and singer-songwriter music to dance and celebrate a utopia hopefully lived (at least partially) by everyone on site!

This link leads you directly to the program overview.
And here you can find a rough overview of the daily structure and here is an overview about the workshops.

Support during the move
Move with us! It is important for us to create a great week together. And for that we need your help. You like to be in the kitchen and want to support the kitchen team with chopping or washing up? Kitchen is not your thing, but you are experienced in first aid and can imagine to take over a sanitary shift? No matter what you like to do and where your strengths lie, we are happy about every helping hand that signs in the shift plan and supports the Move!

Food is provided, you can expect to get three meals a day. (Provided you show up at the kitchen at meal time πŸ˜‰) Mornings will be mostly porridge, lunches will be soups and/or snacks, and evenings will be a hot meal of whatever we can get our hands on. Unfortunately, we have run out of a KΓΌFa team, so it will likely take a lot of support in the kitchen! For this, look out for the repro shift schedule posted on the site!

Barter logic free yes - money free no. Although we have a great support of many, many speakers, who create their workshops without fee, we save a lot of food and get some things cheaper, there are still costs for such an event. Equipment has to be paid for, food has to be bought, and the local community, which provides us with the premises, is also dependent on money. Currently we are missing at least 6000€ to finance the Move. So in order for the Move to continue to exist in its current form, it needs your financial appreciation. You can donate during the event or in advance here:

Recipient: Bildungs- und Aktionsnetzwerk Wandel e.V.
IBAN: DE75 4306 0967 4120 8203 01
reason for payment: MOVE Utopia

But now enough of the info-input. First of all we are looking forward to meeting you at the Move and having a great time with you! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here There will also be an info round every morning and you will definitely find a contact person on the premises! 😊

See you very soon,
your Move-Team!