Registration for Move Utopia 2021

Hey you,

glad you want to sign up for Move Utopia 2021! We want a space where people feel empowered to recognize their abilities and needs and share them with everyone. In doing so, we would like to be oriented towards exchange logic freedom, vegan food, ecological living and solidarity.

When and where?

The MOVE will take place from September 15 to 19, 2021 on the grounds of the Freie Feldlage in Harzgerode. Please register only if you can be on site for the entire period. This is a private event and you participate at your own risk. No liability will be assumed.


We are planning a MOVE that deals responsibly with the Covid 19 pandemic. Therefore, we are currently working on a hygiene concept that we will communicate and implement during the event. Please register only if you agree to take a hygiene concept with common measures seriously and to support it.

Personal data

We need your contact information to provide the health department with a list of participants.

Assembly and disassembly

Since we are only a very small organization team and the MOVE is participatory, we are dependent on helping hands. Please indicate if you can help with the setup from 10.09. and/or with the dismantling until 23.09.

Personal needs

Feel free to let us know if your attendance is tied to a supportive companion, for example, or in what form you require accessibility, or if you would like to attend with family caregivers, such as children.


We think of MOVE as a space where participatory co-creation can be experienced and lived. To this end, we invite you to reflect and communicate what your skills and qualities are that you would like to share at MOVE. For example, what makes you tick as a person, whether you would like to hold a workshop or lecture, manual skills, research questions that move you, and everything else.


We have a lot of expenses and ask you for a donation in an amount of your choice. You are welcome to support the idea of Move Utopia with a donation, even if you are not a participant of this year's Move. We ask you, if you want to donate something, to transfer the amount of your choice or to put it in the donation box on site. You will receive the bank details with the registration confirmation and can also be found on our homepage.

Privacy policy

All data collected in this form will be stored by us until October 2021 and then deleted. This data will not be passed on to third parties with the exception of the public health department, to whom we will provide your name and telephone number upon request. You can use the contact form on this homepage to obtain information about the data we have stored about you and to request immediate deletion.


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